Wasilla Lake
Vacation Bible School

Join us into the Wild as we SCUBA into a Vacational Bible School, where we will teach you abour the One who loves.


VBS @ Wasilla Lake has always been such a blast for anyone, as it even impacts older people.


Your kids will not find VBS Intresting alone. However, Wasilla Lake makes it different, as we will have your kids begging you to come back!


We will only give the best Material there is, and some of that come straight of the Word of the Lord.

VBS will make a diffrenece and an impact!

Wasilla Lake will ensure your kid's safety, and fun!

Wasilla Lake Church of the Nazarene will ensure your kid’s safety by a couple of ways.

We protect and guard all enterences and exists.

Have a team with communicative headsets to ensure we arrive to anyone trying to get in or out of the building and manage the issue.

A wide variety of age groups are allowed!

Groups from:

Ages 1-6, 7-10, 10-13.

This years 2024 Vacation Bible School will be hosted at “Wasilla Lake Church of the Nazarene” (2001 E. Palmer-Wasilla Highway).

It will start July 8-12th 6:00-8:30pm.


Food will be provided for anyone who participates.


Our VBS will have a very interactive and drawing dacing sessions. Where kids will express their Love for the Lord!

Walking away

Your kids will walk away with a better understanding of the Lord.

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